Beaches beyond my wildest dreams. 


I knew I would be seeing some incredible places on my travels - but when you actually see these places in real life it's like your eyes can't actually comprehend what is in front of you. I'm usually having to pinch myself in disbelief. Especially when I saw some of the beaches through the North coast of Spain. Two in particular..

After San Sebastián we spent the next week exploring the rest of the North Coast from Bilbao ↣ Santander ↣ Llanes ↣ Gijon ↣ Ribadeo ↣ Vigo. The night we spent in Santander was definitely an eye opener on where we pick to free camp. We were woken up to a bunch of drunk idiots rocking our van back and forth and trying to open the doors. Was such a frightening experience! So anyone who is free camping make sure you pick your spots wisely.

But don't worry it's not all bad! The next day we rested our pounding hearts in the secluded glittering waters of Playa De Cue. Situated off the small town of Llanes, this beach is my definition of paradise with water as clear as they come. The secluded location has you feeling like you've just been thrown off a pirate ship and left stranded at a distant tropical island. Or maybe that's just my childish mind talking haha 😝. If the clouds didn't come rolling back in Kyle and I would have stayed till sun down.

When reality is greater than your dreams you get Playa De Las Catedrals (Cathedrals beach). You'll have to fight the tide to see it though, as it is only explored at low tide. When we arrived it was a high tide so we decided to stay the night and head down later when the crowds had settled. Honestly I can't decide which words best describe this place.. Let's see.. Unbelievable, extraordinary, fascinating, exciting, unreal, beautiful, wonderful.. The list could go on. Sprinkled with many many caves and huge arch structures (that make you feel insignificant in comparison), Mother Nature definitely puts on its finest show. As I sat in bewilderment under the arches I felt a little sad that my family couldn't be there to experience it with me. To my mum, dad, Laura, Lydia and Angel you wouldn't believe your eyes if you seen it in person! Has a very similar resemblance to the twelve apostles in Australia 😀.

The rest of our time up North was accompanied by those thick clouds again. Was so disappointing, especially when we arrived at "the best beach in the world" on the small and beautiful Cies Islands. The entire day the whole island was swarmed with mist - could barely see where we were even walking. Even on a grey day I can still see why it was voted most beautiful beach in the world. It's a tropical relaxing haven with extremely fine white sand and long stretches of calm pristine blue water. Worth the trip out!

If you're after really hot sunny days and warm water than North Coast is not the right place. Absolutely stunning don't get me wrong, but the grey days definitely get the best of you and quickly 😓. We only prayed that we weren't cursed our whole trip as we headed for Portugal.

Until next time.

Hayls x