One thing i've definitely learnt along the road is that no place is ever as you expect it. I have to confess that sometimes I let myself feel disappointed before I've even spent an hour there, and only because it isn't exactly is I'd hoped and imagined it to be upon arrival - which is so so silly of me! I believe you must stay at least 2 days to really love a city. Because in the end those flaws you judged in the beginning just might be what you love about it, for it gives it its character. So for some reason I imagined Porto to be a smaller beachy town before arriving. Haha didn't I get quite a shock. It's pollar opposite actually! It's actually built up along a river (Douro), and when I say up I mean up. It's extremely hilly and narrow, which is good for the butt I guess 😋 - especially after the copious amounts of sangria and ice cream. Oh don't get me started on the Sangria! Whoever decided to add a cinnamon stick deserves some sort of tasty beverage award. Like seriously Australia, get on to it! It's extremely addictive.

Don't be put off by the numerous deserted buildings thoughout the city. Kyle and I were a little questionable at first, seeing how many run down, smashed up buildings there were, but strangely enough it gives the city a beautifully haunted feel about it. Also everything from the houses, churches, palaces, schools, restaurants and possibly more are all lined with many different patterned and colored hand painted tiles - apparently it was used as an art form and dates back to almost 400 years. Quite spectacular and beautiful. Another great characteristic of the city.

Our favorite spot was definitely down by the river. The vibe is hard to beat - with buskers at every corner, port cellars and wine tastings at your feet, and many lively fun restaurants to eat and drink at. We stayed down till sunset one night just to see it all lit up. I have a thing for water reflections, so when all the lights lit up so did the water, and boy wasn't I a happy little chappy. Kyle struggled to peel me away haha!

Porto has so much character it's impeccable! I felt it had a spin of London, Melbourne, and San Fransico (well with all the trams and steep streets I'm only guessing). You will got lost in all it has to offer. Be sure to visit its sights, especially the Livraria Lello & lrmao - the cities oldest bookstore. It may be because you have me lost even at the smell of books, but it was beyond spectacular. A world in its own.

Couldn't have loved Porto anymore, which made me all that excited to see what else Portugal had to offer. I have a feeling we will be seeing some incredible beaches along the way 😉. If you've been following my Instagram I'm sure you already know our next stop. Can not wait to share the photos I took though! So stay tuned..

Hayls x