San Sebastián 


Literally the night before we headed to San Sebastián Kyle asked me, "what do we do during the day if it's raining?". I am so convinced he jinxed us and am holding him partly responsible 😉, because the next day we woke up and it was absolutely miserable outside.

One thing about Northern Spain is that the clouds ride really really low in the sky and when they do you are literally just chilling in thick breezy mist with around 10m visibility. For the next week and a half that we travelled through the north coast of Spain the clouds decided they couldn't miss out on any of our fun and followed us everywhere we went haha! No joke 😝. So trying to photograph places can sometimes be quite challenging, yet super frustrating. It takes a lot of patience, and I thank Kyle so much for having to stand around waiting for me to get the right light at the right moment.

Our time in San Sebastián was fabulous despite the weather. This city is spectacularly stunning. And so clean! A place I could definitely call home. The city centre is very architecturally beautiful, with many little hidden alleyways bursting with pinxtos bars and gelato shops. I think I could live off the gelato here. When I saw the size of the scoops my eyes lit up like they did when I was a kid and mum would tell us we were getting McDonalds for dinner 😋. The flavors are also out of this world! We might have gone a little overboard and indulged twice a day, everyday (whoops).

One of my fondest memories was viewing the city and the sweeping bay on top of Monte Igueldo. I always get the strongest sense of freedom when I'm looking at something from high above. Almost like I'm a bird, flying peacefully, and just looking down at the craziness below.

Monte Igueldo is also home to a small amusement park, where you can literally ride a roller coaster overlooking a cliff! Rides are dirt cheap and surprisingly fun. I may have let out a little squeal on this pretty tiny rollercoaster - partly because I was strongly questioning the safety as we were hurling around cliffs faces and rapidly dipping under bridges! 😂

All in all San Sebastian is stunning and lots of fun so make sure you write it down on your travel to do list. And make sure you eat lots of gelato! 🍦😋

Hayls x

Oh! And i've just established that my photos aren't showing the best quality unless you actually click on them individually.. I'll be definitely working to fix that.