How you can afford your next trip sooner than you think!

You guys all know that I'm a travel addict at heart, spending most of my time in accommodation around the world rather than my actual home. Which is why I absolutely pride myself in finding the most comfortable and affordable homes away from home whilst I'm on the road.  If you were to log into my account right now you would see that I am listed as a 'frequent traveler' having made over 40 bookings over the past year. This is no joke, I LOVE Its actually very rare I would ever begin my search for a property on another online platform. Sometimes I even find myself browsing the site on accommodation around the world just for the fun of it haha! If you are reading this, than I'm assuming you also share a passion for travel. Otherwise why else would you have opened a blog post about 'planning your next holiday'. You are reading this for a reason. I am assuming there are a few of you who are reading this that are thinking they can't afford to travel right now, but REALLLYY want to get away for a weekend, or even maybe longer! Trust me when I say, booking your next holiday doesn't have to be that daunting on your wallet!

I am super excited to have teamed up with in promoting their very first 'Big Mid Year Sale Campaign' offering some incredible deals on properties around the world! The sale includes more than 48,000 deals and 28,000 properties across the globe. I definitely took this opportunity and have just booked 3 nights accommodation in Rome (mid summer) for $500. I mean you can definitely find cheaper but this was a top notch place! In hindsight that makes it $83 per night (if you are sharing) for a fancy AF place in the middle of Rome city! The deals only last between June & September so make your move!

Here is the link towards your first step to your next trip away!

Travel is all about experience for me. I have this immense desire to experience everything I possibly can in my lifetime!  I want to look back on my life and know I lived it to the absolute fullest. I want to be a story teller. Value to me isn't having an expensive car or an expensive home, its about the memories I create through the worldly experiences I choose to invest everything Ive got in. I knew, ever since my very first overseas trip to Thailand at 15, that this was the life for me. Since then have travelled to over 35 countries and counting!

If you aren't already convince that this is the time for you to book your next little, or big holiday, then here are some of my favourite photos from my recent travels, including images at some incredible properties booked through