Esperance: Home to Australia's Best White Sand Beaches.

It was only during my recent visit to Esperance (located on the South West Coast of Australia), did I discover how incredibly unique and beautiful my home country is. Apparently it is scientifically proven that Esperance has some of Australia's whitest sand beaches; and I had the privilege of exploring them all! Keep reading for a complete list of the top beaches to visit, how to get to Esperance, and where to stay.

The Best White Sand Beaches to Visit in Esperance include:

Duke Of Orleans

Duke of Orleans Bay was one of my favourite beaches we explored during our time in Esperance. It is located 90km east out of Esperance town, and is one of many beaches along the coastline you can actually drive along in a 4WD. I recommend a full day here in order to explore the long stretch of beach in your 4WD, or just spend hours swimming in the insanely breathtaking clear blue water.

Cape Le Grand National Park Beaches

Lucky Bay

This beach is my definition of Paradise! You literally feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, with hardly a soul in site, at one of the most pristine white sand beaches you'll probably ever step foot on. The sand is so fine and white it literally squeaks under your feet.

Lucky Bay is situated 60km East of Esperance, in Cape Le Grand National Park, and is 4WD friendly. So cruise down to the beach in your 4WD, find a space on a nearly empty beach and spend the day hanging with the local kangaroos. Yes you read right! Kangaroos freely roam this beach almost everyday. Don't be afraid to go so hello, they are super cute and friendly!

Thistle Cove

Yet another incredibly beautiful white sand beach that you must visit when exploring Cape Le Grand National Park. Unfortunately, during our visit to Cape Le Grand the weather took a turn around midday, and started to become overly windy and cloudy. Luckily we were able to capture the beauty of Thistle Cove before the clouds completely engulfed the sky.

Thistle Cove is a secluded beach surrounded by dramatic hills and large orange rocks. Making an amazing contrast against the turquoise blue water. There is a small walk down some rocks in order to access the beach; but is easy enough for all ages to access.

Esperance Australia Best White Sand Beach: Overlooking Thistle cove

Esperance Australia Best White Sand Beach: Overlooking Thistle cove

Hellfire Bay

Hellfire Bay is another popular white sand beach located in Cape Le Grand National Park that is really popular amongst tourists. It is fairly similar to Thistle Cove, just easier to access. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy by the time we made it over to Hellfire bay, so we weren't able capture beautiful images to share. Click here to see a little more about this beach.

Little Hell Fire Bay is also another beach, directly next the Hellfire, we were told to visit but couldn't because of the poor weather. It is apparently extremely worthwhile visiting as it is super beautiful and a lot more secluded and quiet. So if you are a couple looking for a little more privacy I would recommend exploring Little Hell Fire.

Esperance Town Beaches

Blue Haven Beach

Blue Haven beach is one of many stops along the Great Ocean Drive. It is one of Esperance town's most popular beaches, drawing people in with its bright turquoise water and breathtaking stairwell view from the top. Yet another incredibly beautiful white sand beach that was my personal fav of all the beaches near town. This beach is usually always sheltered and protected from the wind, hence its name 'Blue Haven'. The stairs are almost an iconic scene from this beach and are the definition of a stair way to heaven! They are also perfect for a little morning or afternoon workout if you are feeling motivated!

Twilight Bay

Twilight Bay is another pristine white sand beach located along the Great Ocean Drive, and is only 8km drive from town. The beach offers fantastic rock formations and crystal clear water; and is usually more protected than other beaches along the Great Ocean Drive. When the weather is nice, this beach is definitely one to not miss!


Photo taken by @morton_mac

10 Mile Lagoon

This beach is a long stretch of beach situated 17km from the town, along the Great Ocean Drive. Tourists are drawn here for its blue lagoon. The lagoon has been formed by the limestone reef, making it to protected from the waves. It is perfect spot to bring kids as they can enjoy a swim in the ocean, without the stress of them being hit by waves. It is also in incredible location to snap some amazing photos!

The day I visited the lagoon, the weather was miserable so I wasn't able to enjoy it for what it really is! These images below were taken by my friend, who was with me at the time but had visited a couple weeks back when the conditions were amazing!

Photo taken by @morton_mac

How to get to Esperance

Its always the most beautiful places that are harder to get to! Esperance is known to be 'out of the way' and is either an 8 hour car ride from Perth, or a 90 minute flight. We decided to drive as road trips are always fun! If you haven't got the time to drive, flying is definitely on option! Heres how you can book your trip to Esperance:


You can book flights that run daily through REX airlines. Click here for booking dates and time schedules.


Hire a car from the multiple hire care companies in Perth and take a nice leisurely drive stopping at other tourist hot spots along the way. I recommend driving as you will need a car to visit most beaches in Esperance, and purely just for the freedom.


TransWA luxury coaches offer trips from Perth to Esperance almost daily. Click here for bookings, fare and route information.

Where to stay

Esperance Chalet Village

A MUST STAY! We stayed in the chalets for the four nights we were in Esperance, and I can easily say I never wanted to leave! Fiona the owner is super nice and hilarious, and has created a very homey, relaxed chilled out space. The interiors are nothing like a regular hotel room, they have been designed almost like your staying in your own home. Im not sure I would ever stay anywhere else when I decide to return to Esperance! Click here to make a booking.

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Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you on your next trip to PARADISE!