48 Hours in Copenhagen


48 hours is more than enough time to fall in love with this incredible, lively city. If I had the choice I would have gone house hunting then and their, and set up stay for another 2 years. The city's cultural diversity and impeccable love for food had me hooked instantly. It is a foodies paradise! Here are a few tips on eating & sight seeing on a budget.

Where we ate...

First for coffee.. at The Coffee Collective! After reading that it was a 'must try' coffee shop in Europe, we had to go see what all the fuss was about. We visited the store located in Torvehallern marketplace, which was actually the highlight of our visit to The Coffee Collective. The coffee was average in my opinion. No better than most other coffee places around the area.

↣ Torvehallern Marketplace, located in the heart of the city, is a must see place (even if you don't buy anything), full of food stalls selling street food, baked sweet and savoury goods, cakes, coffee shops, fresh produce, fresh fish & meat - practically anything and everything you need in terms of food. With the buzzing atmosphere of the crowd, we walked around eating & tasting for a good hour. We recommend the LêLê Street Kitchen for simple yet amazingly flavoursome & healthy vietnamese baguettes. So fresh and cheap!

When I heard there was a place in the city offering some of the tastiest & unique acai bowls, I had to go! Nice cream is a small vegan store that sells coconut milk ice blocks, cookie sandwiches & acai bowls, all hand made in store using only organic vegan ingredients. Highly recommend for a scrumptious healthy sweet treat.


Our number 1 place to visit for some epic cuisine is Papirøen street food market. With '39 food stalls, food trucks, containers and bars', this place is constantly buzzing with locals and tourists all joining together for their love of food. Your choice for food is endless with a wide variety of cuisines including, Indian, Thai, Turkish, Danish, Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian, Korean.. just to name a few. Doesn't matter if you're vegan or vegetarian, almost every stall has something for you. Wanting to try a local Danish dish I firstly opted for a Smorrebrod from a small stall can Handmade. I recommend the avocado with salmon and dill - a mouthful just bursting with flavour. All open sandwiches are served on homemade rye bread and topped with some of the freshest ingredients. Amazing! After my 'entree' I decided on the vegetarian flatbread wrap from a moroccan inspired food stall called Marrakech. Here they make & cook the wrap right in front of you before filling it with hummus, tzatiki, vegetables, lettuce and spices. A large meal that is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Mmm mmm.


Places we explored...

Our first evening we decided to check out Christiania - the 'infamous' free town of Copenhagen. Christiania is a small  neighbourhood tucked away within Copenhagen city that is super alternative & uniquely different to any other neighbourhood in the country & most likely even the whole of Europe. It is self governed & free in terms of being self governed, having its own set of laws and regulations than that of Copenhagen city. One of the main attractions to this neighbourhood is the toleration to openly buying and selling of weed on the streets in small booths. This town certainly lives up to its freespirited, hippie name. At one point we passed a man with no the street, no shirt, dancing by himself with no music around! And boy oh boy i have never seen joints so fat and so big. Almost everyone had one in their hand just loving life. Everyone should experience the free nature of Christiana once in their life! - Its a no photography zone, which I rightfully respected.

↣ With a shot in mind we payed a quick visit to the Botanical Gardens. This white iron spiral staircase buried beneath a jungle of tropical plants was too good to be true. A true fairytale setting.


↣ We spent hours just wandering around the brightly painted lined streets trying to snap the playfulness the city boasts at every corner. A perfect way to end your day is to take a sunset stroll down Nyhavn, resting your feet at the quayside admiring the perfectly renovated houses & unique passing boats.

How to get around..

↣ The Copenhagen Harbour bus is a great way to explore other areas of the city, up and down the canal. We caught the water bus from our campsite and rode it down the canal until we reached Nyhavn. It's practically a much cheaper version of any canal tour. It will take you from one end of the harbour all the way to the other where you can stop at The infamous Little Mermaid.