Andalucian Treasures.


Leaving Portugal, we had no expectations as to what the Andalucian region of Spain had to offer or what the landscape was even like; and in my opinion, setting little to no expectations is the best way to travel. That way you are rarely left disappointed, and more usually pleasantly surprised. After travelling through Seville and Ronda, I couldn't find this more true.

We both decided to drive to Seville first, as we had heard a few good things about it, but nothing much. Funny thing actually, I had no knowledge that Seville was even a place until 3 days prior to arriving - which I was super surprised about as it was such a pleasant, clean, and beautiful city. It was small and peaceful, which I loved, as it wasn't jammed packed with old dudes and asians sticking selfie sticks in front of your face every second of the day! The tapas food is AMAZING, the sights are incredibly beautiful and breath taking, the streets are super clean, its incredibly easy to park a van in the city centre, and there are handsome horsy rides trotting around every corner. The Alcazar is a definite must see! It's up there with one of the best sights i've ever seen. OH MY GOD was probably repeated around 100 times haha!

Sometimes I'm baffled as to why some of the these 'world famous' areas are so highly spoken of when there are other areas, that are rarely mentioned, that deserve a whole lot more appraisal and talk than they get. Leaving Seville and entering Ronda I was left asking myself, 'whyyy did I not know these places existed prior to travelling?'

Ronda, oh Ronda. I reallyyy felt like I was in Spain in this old charming town. Like literally.. get this.. a man wearing a red, gold and white cuffed outfit rode right past me on a white horse! I'm not sure if it was for show, but I'm convinced it was for real because he wasn't stopping and heckling everyone for an overpriced photo. Apart from this Spanish man on a horse seriously impressing me, the towns setting was also pretty cool I guess. I mean it was only built in the middle of a 100m deep gorge with dramatic escarpments and views. Oh also there is this fairly ordinary ancient bridge that has been built through the centre of the gorge, with a small waterfall running below it. So just pretty much the average town right?!

You've probably all already guessed from my pathetic attempt at sarcasm that it was in actual fact effing awesome. We walked a part way down the gorge for sunset where you get an amazing view of the deep and daunting gorge, along with the historic Puente Nuevo Bridge amongst it. Kyle and I were seriously impressed and always seem to end up talking about it whenever we meet new people.

I am extremely happy I can now tick Seville and Ronda off the list.. and am recommending everyone else to add it to theirs!

Hayls x