how do you edit your images

I edit all my images with my custom made Lightroom Presets. You can shop them here!


Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

how many countries have you visited?

36 and counting! Plan to visit over 70 countries in my lifetime!

where is your favourite destination?

So hard to pick! My favs would be Greece, Norway, Jordan, Thailand, Oman, Albania. ACTUALLY ah this is so hard!! 





Will you be releasing Mobile Presets FOR DESKTOP?

Yes of course! These will be released shortly after the release of my desktop preset packs. I want to release my desktop presets first as they will be completed first.

 Can your new presets be used with JPEG images?

They have been designed using RAW images and work best for RAW, but can be used for JPEG images as well :)

Are you starting a Youtube Channel?

I just launched my Youtube Channel and released my first vlog! Check it out here!

What camera do you use?

I use a canon 5d mk iv & shoot with my 16-35mm (FAV) or my 24-70mm lens